2 Retouched Images

Online Web Gallery

Approx 250 Images

Recommended Agency/Students £115



2.5 Hrs

4 Retouched Images

Online Web Gallery

Approx 400 Images

Recommended Agency/Students £160 




5 Retouched Images

Online Web Gallery

Approx 500 Images

Recommended Agency/Students £285



The basic headshot is designed for those who are looking to top up their portfolio. It gives an opportunity to try out new looks or get something that you missed in your last session. Have you changed your haircut? Have you entered a new casting bracket and your agent needs some new shots to work with? Or perhaps you can't justify the price of the longer sessions? Then the BASIC HEADSHOT is the perfect choice. 

Our main aim here is making sure we get good shots quickly, so we will work only in the traditional portrait orientation. 

Please remember though that if you feel uncomfortable having your photo taken you may need some time to settle in, which is why I wouldn't recommend this session to students, unless you have had headshots done before! Likewise if you are wanting to do hair or make up changes in this session, we may run out of time. 

Depending on the weather we will do a mixture of both natural light and studio set-ups.

We may be able to review photos, however only briefly so you can see we are headed in the right direction.

All of your images will be uploaded to a password protected online gallery for yourself and your agent to review, favourite and order.

2 retouches are included in this price in both Colour and B&W - extras £10


I recommend this session to most people as it is my most popular.

We have plenty of time, you can change your hair and make up if you need to and we can try plenty of tops.

We will definitely use both natural and studio light so you can get a variety of looks and I'll take some Landscape shots to further enhance your portfolio.

If we find we have got the goods and still have time to spare, we can try some more creative shots, three-quarter lengths and portraiture suitable for a website if you have one.

We have time to review images to see what is working and can address any changes of hair, make-up or tops to be as they should be.

4 retouches are included in this price in both Colour and B&W - extras at £10


The CREATIVE PORTFOLIO was designed to give artists that something extra. You will receive everything I do in the CLASSIC HEADSHOT but with the addition of having the time to do more creative shots. Whether that is full length images for dancers, models or actors for their websites or IMDB profiles.

Due to the nature of this session you may want to consider a hair and make-up stylist for the day, which I am more than happy to help you find should you wish.

4 retouches included in this price in both Colour and B&W - extras at £10